Golfing Once a Week Sucks!!

Playing once a week really can hurt your golf game. I found this year that playing only once has my short game in a tizzy. I have found that my chipping has really suffered. I have to really dig deep to concentrate on what I am doing. I have found that a lot of my fairway approach shots have been let’s say less than stellar. I noticed that I have a tendency to lift my head a little and skull a few approach shots. Lack of practicing for sure.

The course is short from the white markers where we play in our league and low irons are a must as an errant wood will surely handcuff you in the woods.

I was able to salvage a decent round that day as I birdied the par 5 18th. I had a good drive into the wind and then a real good 3 wood to within a few feet of the green then my chip shot was left about 5 feet below the hole.  My match had a fantastic drive and second shot to within 3 feet and he missed the eagle putt, bummer. I ended up winning the match and getting 4 points for our team.


2 responses to “Golfing Once a Week Sucks!!

  1. i think you should practice more and really can do better .
    best of luck!

  2. Once a week sucks?!?!?! I would give my left testicle for once a month! I conceeded long ago that I would be one of those golfers that everyone invites to be part of their foursome for the express purpose of making everyone else look REALLY good!

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