Wilderness Golf League Nearing the Final Weeks

050107-1608-golfseasonu1.jpg I hate it when they aerate the greens at Campbell’s Scottish Highlands golf course. It will surely add at least two to three shots per round until the holes close up. The greens are so bumpy and putts heading for the hole can veer off within a blink of an eye. The worst part is not so much the aeration but the golfers who do not fix their ball marks. This really irks me as it ruins the greens and I think a lot of beginners or some experienced golfers just don’t care.

Our league is in it’s final 2 weeks and our team will finish next to last this half. Oh well, there is always next year.

My league average this year with little to no practice and only playing 9 holes a week with only playing 4 rounds of 18 holes is 42 on the front and 41 on the back. That is awful, for me anyway.

Interestingly enough last year with a ton of practice and a lot of golfing I averaged 41.83 for the front and 41.33 on the back. That is weird…. I guess I am very consistent.

2005 I was 41 on the front and 39.11 on the back.

2004 I was 41.25 on the front and 40.22 on the back.

2003 I was 40.22 on the front and 40.89 on the back. Looks like I had some trouble on the back nine.

This year has been my worst year scoring in the last 4 years.


One response to “Wilderness Golf League Nearing the Final Weeks

  1. Honey,
    You are consistent. So, I take it that it really does not matter if you practice or golf often. The results will be the same. Very interesting.
    Love Ya

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