Atkinson Resort and Country Club, Atkinson, NH

Atkinson Resort and CCToday I played the Atkinson Resort and Country Club in Atkinson, NH. This is a pretty tough course from the white markers playing 6088 yards with a course rating of 70.2 and a slope of 133. I played with my golfing buddy Pete who aced the par 3 8th hole earlier this year to finally join the Acemaker club. Congrats to Pete. Pete is coming off of 3 broken ribs and wrist surgery from a basketball accident last year. We were supposed to play back in July but his ribs kept us from playing together. Then our businesses kept us the rest of the year from playing together too. Today we finally were able to play 18.We decided to tee it up from the blue tees with a course rating of 72.8 and a slope of 136 playing at 6580 yards. I haven’t swung a club in a month and I was eager to get out there and play. I warmed up by hitting a couple dozen balls at the driving range and felt my swing wasn’t half bad. I seemed to be able to keep my head down and I was striking the ball pretty well. Pete showed up about ten minutes before tee time and he felt a little rushed but he was able to hit a bunch of balls and looked like he was all set when they called us to the first tee. We were scheduled to play with another couple of guys but they never showed up. It was just the two of us. Just the way we wanted it. 18 holes head to head.

7th Golf Hole It was fairly mild at tee time with partly sunny skies and a slight breeze facing us as we headed down the first hole. The first hole is a short par 4 at 350 yards and Pete hit 3 wood and was about 140 yards out and he ended up short on his approach shot as it trickled in the sand trap. Pete bogeyed. I hooked a 5 wood into the tree line and chipped out and then hit a gap wedge just short and chipped on and missed the putt as I double bogeyed. Not the way we wanted to start.

As we went to the second tee we could see a foursome approaching the green and we knew we would catch them in no time and we were hoping we would be able to go thru them and play at our own pace. We both parred two, three and four. As we came to the 5th tee box we were waved ahead by the group in front. We usually have a tendency to rush when players wave us through, I guess we rush just so we don’t hold them up. Well we rushed this time and I double bogied and Pete parred. The 6th is a par 5 and I bogeyed it and double bogeyed the toughest hole on the course the par 4 7th. Short game messed me up here. I parred 8 and 9 and finished with a respectable 43 while Pete shot 40.

PeteWe made the turn and you can see Pete’s swing here on number ten. It is not his normal swing as his tee shot was skyed and pushed to the right deep into the woods. We both messed this hole up pretty good as it is only a 365 yard par 4 and a little tight as it funnels downhill towards the hole. No driver is needed.

The 11th is a great little par 3 and from the blues it plays 183 yards from an elevated tee box and you have to carry a nice little swampy area with a tricky green.

11th Hole at ACCWe both parred this tricky par three and off to the twelth hole we go.

The twelth is a par 5 straight out with a few large bunkers running down the left side of the fairway and trees to the right, you need to be accurate to make 4 or 5. I missed a 6 footer for birdie as I just didn’t read the green correctly.

The thirteenth was a par for me as Pete’s drive went left and it took us the maximum 5 minutes to find his ball as it ended up about 50 yards further than either of us ever thought it would be. His ball was in a clump of loose grass and he came up short and then chipped on the green short and ended up with a bogey. Could have been a lot worse.

13th Hole

The 15th has been redone as the approach shot used to be a blind shot to the green and now they have pushed the green back by about 30-40 yards and is elevated so you can now see the green from the fairway. My drive was about 155 yards out and my 7 iron hit the green and rolled up to within feet a nice little left to right putt made for our first birdie of the round. The birdie brought me to two over par on the back side.

The 16th was redesigned as well as your tee shot needs to fade to the right and that will leave you a much straighter second shot to the green. This par 5 is reachable in two as Pete showed me how it was done. I parred and Pete’s eagle putt just missed the mark as he birdied. We both parred 17 and headed to 18.

On 18 the tee markers were about 2 feet from the back of the tee box I ended up about a 135 yards out and went in with a nine iron and I made my one major mistake as I lifted my head on my approach shot and went deep into the back of the green I ended up bogeying 18 and finished with a nice 82. I was real happy considering I hadn’t played in a month. Pete shot 83. First time I have beaten him in a while. I told you Pete is recovering from 3 broken ribs and wrist surgery but I didn’t tell you he is also blind in on eye. Pete is an exceptional athlete and is very competetive. A real man’s man.

If you get a chance and you want a challenge play Atkinson Resort and Country Club.



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